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Lil’ Spoon

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I was flopping my way out of bed this morning, when Vivi came and plopped himself in front of me. A few pets, and whelp, I had a little spoon. Can’t run off on a furry little spoon! I mean, I did eventually, but gotta get while the getting is good. Not much going on, just chilling out. Working a… Read more »

Sweet Sleep

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Vivi has been doing his napping near me today, which has been lovely. While I usually make a point to go upstairs a few times a day to check on cats, it’s nice when they’re actually down with me. Not a lot going on. Work happened. Actually got my knitting out to poke at a bit. First Eurovision semi is… Read more »

So Chill

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I love this boy. He’s so handsome. He’s less impressed with me being terribly attracted to his poised self — so many indignantly received smooches, hee hee. I have worked my butt a bit too hard this weekend, but the end results are worthwhile. I ended up having to completely re-inventory my shop, which… not like I wanted to do… Read more »


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I made the decision to let a couple of my unused domains go free, which means previously used.¬†The Scarlet B is already gone…. I probably should have made a point to get a back-up of my WordPress install, but never mind. While I’ll always have the Bipolar thing going on, it’s been so well managed for years that I’ve not… Read more »


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I had to run something down to the Post Office, so I got to enjoy lovely overcast skies. I also learned that the customs forms I had in house were out of date, but heeeey. So it sometimes goes. Past that, just spending hours terraforming a village in¬†Minecraft. I always surprise myself with how much time I’ll put into it,… Read more »

Warm O’Clock

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It’s been rather warm today. I’ve got my hair pulled up, I’ve got a lack of extra layer, and I’m getting through water. Le sigh, so cometh my least favourite half of the year. I know some folx are down with sunlight and warmth, but anyways. At least we have the air conditioning, not that it’s quite the time to… Read more »