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I made the decision to let a couple of my unused domains go free, which means previously used. The Scarlet B is already gone…. I probably should have made a point to get a back-up of my WordPress install, but never mind. While I’ll always have the Bipolar thing going on, it’s been so well managed for years that I’ve not needed a specific outlet for it.

Similarly, The Bipolar Blogger Network should be going away in the next week or two. The main reason I held onto that one for so long, especially when I stopped working on it years ago, was to prevent opportunistic folx from taking advantage of what I’d built to do… whatever. Years on there’s less chance of that I reckon, so. If someone wants to relaunch, enjoy, please try to stick to the script, etc. I had some pretty strict rules, like how old a blog had to be minimum, update frequency, quality of writing, lack of effin’ strobing gifs. No ads, no tie-in movie deals (legit had one offered at one point), nothing about profit. It was a labour of love, and definitely a cool thing to have done for a few years.

Anyways, back to being blobby. I’ve been in Minecraft zone-out while recovering from the weekend, which, good! Fine! I also would like to pick up my knitting, but I’m not there yet. Maybe this weekend coming. *chuckles*


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