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Still AWOL

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Alas, that is not my laptop — that is my tablet. My laptop is still in the shop awaiting repairs. Z popped in on the way home today and confirmed that yes, the fan is knackered and needs replacing. They also confirmed that they want to get that done before further checking anything else, since the overheating was the main… Read more »

Tinycute Shrapnel

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What’s this? Being responsible on a night out and getting blogging done in a timely fashion? The world is obviously ending, ha ha. Add to that that I’ve cooked dinner, and it REALLY looks like the end times. xD As for the aforementioned shrapnel, I finally have beading wire to use. I think I managed to nick myself a few… Read more »

Surprise (Ew)!

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Yes sorry, I know, keyboards are disgusting. Mine is even worse ’cause cat fur and assorted dust and crumbs, ha ha. What I didn’t expect to find in it was one of my missing screws. It had jammed itself in such a way that using either the 7 or the 4 on the number pad caused the two keys to… Read more »

Blessedly Quiet

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Z has a meeting tonight, so I had bedtime duty all to myself. And I’m mean — I don’t read stories or let them mess around for ages. I’d *like* to be able to read stories, but the pacing in children’s books is really awkward for me and I start choking on my teeth because of course. Having said that,… Read more »

Life is Like a Box Of…

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Socks. Unsorted Socks. Esquire. But it’s apt after a fashion — it’s a colourful mess of random trying to find a match, preferably that doesn’t have any holes. Or wait, holes are… never mind, I’ll just worry about sorting them rather than philosophisin’ over them xD. My laptop has needed to go in to get looked at for some time,… Read more »

We Made Dis

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Today is ‘Mother’s Day’ in the United Kingdom. It’s actually Mothering Sunday, but borrowing the term from the thoroughly Hallmark’d holiday happened and stuck. This picture of Littlerbit’s random and adorable ringlets was taken over at Z’s parent’s house, where we were having lunch. We discussed how people spent stupid money for the day, and for what? Flowers that lasted… Read more »

And Suddenly…

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Tonight, I surprised myself by finding the texture of proper wool pleasant. Like, rubbing it on my face, wow, this feels good. I don’t know that I will ever become a full-on wool snob, but it was a pleasant surprise that my flesh decided it could get on with it. That’s exciting, and we’ll see how it goes. At least… Read more »

Taking a Detour

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While the shawl is proceeding along nicely, I’ve decided that I really want to finish my hat and get it out of the bottom of my bag. I’m loving the shawl because it’s fun and varied, but also being amused that suddenly ‘normal’ knitting holds less appeal. That’s not been a problem before. Well. I don’t know that it’s a… Read more »

Selfie Queens

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If there is one thing that Littlerbit loves to do, it’s to take selfies. As it’s my BFFFFF bat’s birthday and he loves getting selfies as presents, I let her jab her finger at my screen a couple of times to see what we could random up. I rather like this one, even if we’re both mainly out of frame…. Read more »


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It was a Stitch ‘n Bitch night, and I am very tired. I had an unexpected run-in with someone (completely unrelated to the knitting group), and while it was a polite exchange, I was shaking like a leaf for it. That sort of thing wears a spoonless lass out by a vast measure, and I just want to sleeeeep foreeever…. Read more »