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The Turn

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So yeah, not going to finish this second sock tonight, but at least I’m on the leg part now. Which means all the hard stuff is done, and it’s just slog. Having said that, I effin’ love the heel on this pattern. You’ve got a lot of short rows to make up the heel turn — but you don’t pick… Read more »

First Dibs

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This isn’t my photo — this is from Vivi and Raven’s foster mum of her current clowder. And lucky us, we get to visit them next week and see if any of them would be a good match for our household! First dibs! I’m really excited. If we do connect, we’re not going to bring anyone home until after their… Read more »

Nappus Interruptus

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Vivi has been snoozing over on my half of the bed all day — in spite of me interrupting his sleep several times for smooching and once for cuddles. I only feel bad that I’ve not given Raven the same, but I think he’s sleeping behind the television. I’d rather not try to get back there, ha ha. Not a… Read more »


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I finished my ‘secret’ project this morning, so made some progress on my sock. I’ve got nine rows to go on the first section, which, yay. Getting something done. I’ve slowed myself down by loading up┬áThe Witcher 3, but like, it’s the dead time of the year, so it’s not like I neeed to accomplish. *laughs* I can’t really think… Read more »


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I’m nearly done with my undertable knit. I’ve got another 14 rows to go, but hopefully I can get that finished tonight. Childling hasn’t spotted it yet as far as I can tell, but the longer it takes me, the higher the jeopardy. *jazz hands* I can’t really think of anything to add to that. Just been poking along at… Read more »

So Good

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I don’t think there’s much better in the world than a Christmas dinner. It’s much like an American Thanksgiving dinner, but not quite the same. I mean, I’d happily eat both every year, but for the one that is the regular one, I guess it makes sense it would be my current fave. There’s not much to add past that,… Read more »

Yes, Those Kind

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When we were last at the grocery store, we spotted this card amidst the other ones. Whether it was meant to be humorous to a child or other human family member, we didn’t really care. The boys had a birthday, we wanted to celebrate said birthday, so we did. *laughs* I’m getting really annoyed at this one error that keeps… Read more »

Birthday Teefs

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Had my third and final check before the new denture is made, and it will be ready around my birthday! Woo, birthday teefs! I made a comment to that effect while at the dentist, but I’m guessing thec oncept of getting teeth as a birthday present might be a bit… dark? Maudlin? I don’t know, I’m personally thrilled. *laughs* I’m… Read more »