The Turn

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So yeah, not going to finish this second sock tonight, but at least I’m on the leg part now. Which means all the hard stuff is done, and it’s just slog. Having said that, I effin’ love the heel on this pattern. You’ve got a lot of short rows to make up the heel turn — but you don’t pick any up. Instead, you’ve got two short rows stacked on stitches going different directions, and it’s just so easy and attractive. There’s a good chance I’ll do this pattern again at some point in the future. I don’t often repeat patterns, preferring the challenge of something different each time, but that doesn’t mean I’m against it.

I forgot to mention the other day, but apparently I get to see audiology on February instead of June! Woo! The letter instructs me to make sure my ears are free of earwax, so we ordered one of those cleaners with the USB camera. My bad ear is super clear, my good ear is super gross. I threw out all my eardrops earlier in the year, so I had to order some more in to get the good ear sorted. Hopefully. I’d prefer to spend £3.50 on eardrops than however much it would cost to get someone else to clear ’em out for me (though the temptation to pay for that services totally exists).

Right, gonna go brainflop. We just gave the cats baths, and as you might expect, that took some work. They’ve had apology treats, and are passive aggressively grooming themselves in our line of sight. All is well.


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