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Nap Attacks

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I think that I have to accept it — naps are gonna be a part of my life now. I can’t really go to bed any earlier (and I don’t think that would do any good), and I’m kind of stuffed on sleeping any later unless I want to miss seeing the kids off. I mean, it might be what… Read more »


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Z managed to scoop Batman up for a cuddle; Batman wasn’t impressed, but tolerated it for a minute. Of course, I had to take a blackmail photo… not that like, Batman can actually be blackmailed, but anyways. Been a bit more headache-y than yesterday, but nothing worrisome. Z figured it was just like, the aftershock of the blow from yesterday…. Read more »

Chin Up, Buttercup

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So, yesterday with the false widow on the wall, and this morning? Managed to ram my head temple first into the window ledge while getting out of bed. Clever, innit. I’m still in a weirdly good mood in spite of it, though I’m making sure to keep an eye/hand on it to make sure there’s no real issue. The area… Read more »

Caught in the Act

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Poison came down my end of the couch and hollered at me to come be a lap. She actually did it twice, which rather amused me. Amused Z too, since he made a point to get photographic evidence. Bonus insult: putting his jumper over her, as he was doing to her earlier. I suspect that she felt the need to… Read more »

Take Two

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I miscounted on my first stab at the toe and had to start over. Which is fine! It’s a thought-heavy¬† toe start, and I don’t mind getting a smidge of extra practice on the starting stages of it. I’m trying to get as much done as I can before Mum comes around for dinner tomorrow, ’cause she expressed an interest… Read more »

Gettin’ Busy

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It’s been a pleasingly busy day. Got up before Smalls made it out the door. Had a bath. Did a really corking job of work-related things. Nice visit with mum. I wasn’t completely sure it was going to happen ’cause Smalls was slightly reticent about being home alone for half an hour. But we talked it over, and they agreed… Read more »

Again With the…

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…cats. I’m always down for showing off my cats, ha ha. It also helps when Poison pulls out all the cute stops to the point where we both get out our phones to take snaps. It probably doesn’t show up super well here, but she had her front paws crossed across her chest, which made her look even stubbier and… Read more »


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Poison deigned to come near me in the daylight hours. No, not to yell for ‘her’ chair, but because the only bit of sunbeam in the room was near me. She didn’t stay long, but was there long enough for me to annoy her with my photography skillz. *grins* It has been a *super* rough day. I woke up really… Read more »

Curse Breaker

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I finally got the second sock done this morning. And, because I am ridiculous and can’t not be knitting a sock, I have already acquired and printed out the next pattern I’m going to do. And, le gasp, actually paid for one! I did Jo Torr’s free Vanilla Sock for these and liked it, so why not give her a… Read more »