Again With the…

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…cats. I’m always down for showing off my cats, ha ha. It also helps when Poison pulls out all the cute stops to the point where we both get out our phones to take snaps. It probably doesn’t show up super well here, but she had her front paws crossed across her chest, which made her look even stubbier and rounder and just amazing. This cat is the queen.

Nap attack managed to sneak up and club me this morning, after fighting it so hard yesterday. I talked to Smalls this afternoon about me needing to shift my wake-up time back closer to where it used to be, and could you please come say good-bye if I’m still abed. I guess I would prefer to be healthy enough that I could do sub-7 with no issues, but it’s obviously not working. So bumped my alarm back 40 minutes, closer to where it used to be on a weekday, and hopefully that will work better.

Past that, not much to report. Getting stuck into my cross-stitch, starting the gauging for my next pair of socks. Yanno, the usual.


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