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Snarkasm for Sanity

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Pretty much the first thing I saw this morning was a message window waiting from bat. There were two words, two words I knew I’d see before I even clicked the window — ‘mom’s gone’. We’ve lost our mother, yo. Not my blood maternal, but the more important built me up and made me feel worthwhile one. I’m still processing… Read more »

Taking a Detour

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While the shawl is proceeding along nicely, I’ve decided that I really want to finish my hat and get it out of the bottom of my bag. I’m loving the shawl because it’s fun and varied, but also being amused that suddenly ‘normal’ knitting holds less appeal. That’s not been a problem before. Well. I don’t know that it’s a… Read more »

Back On to the Next Thing

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I sat down and finished sewing up the second hat this morning, and got back to doing the tiny sock on the tiny circular. I’ve turned the heel and am doing the foot part now. It will be interesting to see how well that works as it decreases onwards towards the toe. I guess I’ll probably just end up doing… Read more »

Done and Done

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Today, I finished the hat. Did the knitting, did the sewing, and called it done. Wound up the wool, and found that have more than enough to do a second one. I guess that’s going to make it easier to fulfil EK’s request, hee hee (that is, if she’s happy with the pink <3). I noted a Facebook friend comment… Read more »

Solidarity Knitting

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My biggest task today was to continue knitting on the pussy hat. While I’m almost done with the knitting (another 18 rows to go), I don’t expect to finish it tonight. I might finish the knitting, but then there’s still the sewing. It’s two hours until bedtime though, so who knows. I’d love to be able to finish it enough… Read more »

It Burns!

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Pink is not a colour I normally purchase. In raising two daughters, I have been overly mindful of things like the pink tax, of how often those overpriced pink good are of poorer quality, of the pressure on children to fit into the perceived gender binary (never mind that gender is a social construct, while biological sex is all over… Read more »