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A Little Grind

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I am pleased that I have some inspiration for bracelets this evening. I’m making ones I’ve ‘already’ made, except in different colourways in patterns. Heh, I guess that one could argue that means they’re different bracelets, but I’m able to keep them in some of the broad categories I’ve made without any problems, so that’s useful for my brain. Whatever…. Read more »

Super Rude

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We were sitting here a bit ago, when suddenly the power went. It didn’t go everywhere-everywhere; all the plugs here in the lounge worked, if nothing else. Z dug his way to the fuse box and got things back up, but then realised what the likely culprit was — the oven. The heating unit appears to have gone which is… Read more »

Laundry Inspector

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Any time I’ve got the clean laundry spread across the bed, Batman thinks that it is his solemn duty to bury himself in my share of it. I get it, he’s my jealous boyfriend, and he’s got to get his smell all over my things. I annoyed him by trapping him in and smooching his face — after annoying him… Read more »

Like Vines

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As you can see, sock #2 is starting to get off to a good start. It’s a pretty good match-up colour-wise so far, but we’ll see how it goes. I might get further along and find that someone has done a random-ass grafting like in the other skein. *shakes head* Whatever the case, I’m enjoying the turn of speed that… Read more »

Not Enough Popcorn

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We came, we voted, we… got a hung Parliament. I’m somehow okay with this — to a point. That Despicable May has chosen to form a government with the DUP, and not even able to make a ‘proper’ coalition of it… well. As people pointed out today, the fact she’s having to rely on non-English MPs for various legislation makes… Read more »

Blessedly Quiet

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Z has a meeting tonight, so I had bedtime duty all to myself. And I’m mean — I don’t read stories or let them mess around for ages. I’d *like* to be able to read stories, but the pacing in children’s books is really awkward for me and I start choking on my teeth because of course. Having said that,… Read more »

Life is Like a Box Of…

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Socks. Unsorted Socks. Esquire. But it’s apt after a fashion — it’s a colourful mess of random trying to find a match, preferably that doesn’t have any holes. Or wait, holes are… never mind, I’ll just worry about sorting them rather than philosophisin’ over them xD. My laptop has needed to go in to get looked at for some time,… Read more »

A Man, A Plan, No Flan

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Z woke up today with a hit list of chores that he wanted to get done. I can’t say that they all got done, but we did manage some forward progress. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to in the realm of assistance, but I *did* defunk the vacuum (my hair tends to clog it quickly and… Read more »

Storage Sweet Storage

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After hauling the wool to Pins & Needles last night, I decided I needed to get serious about re-re-re-retackling the disorganisation of my crafting supplies. I’d commented to Z that we needed to get me another storage unit to match the one I had so I could stack them, and then spent much too long online trying to find an… Read more »


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There’s been two or three sorts of progress today, hee hee. First off, I have given up on HeartGold for the moment and moved on to another Generation IV game, Pearl. I have never actually played Diamond/Platinum/Pearl before, so hopefully it will cooperate. I had really been looking forward to working my way up the games properly, but never mind…. Read more »