Super Rude

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We were sitting here a bit ago, when suddenly the power went. It didn’t go everywhere-everywhere; all the plugs here in the lounge worked, if nothing else. Z dug his way to the fuse box and got things back up, but then realised what the likely culprit was — the oven. The heating unit appears to have gone which is just… ugh. So he ended up having to cook our burgers in what saucepans he could instead of his initial plan. They were great by dint of him being a good cook, and them being Aberdeen Angus patties, and that I made some guacamole to jazz them up. We’re not going to worry about the stove oven situation immediately, but at least it won’t cost that much to replace it if that’s what it comes to it. Still, boo.

((Oooh, we might be able to swap the heating element out and save money — super adulting!))

The weather has been super gross today. Like, humid and high pollen and UV and of course, that means the littlest wants to play outside. In spite of being wheezy due to the weather circumstances, I was cajoled to go jump on the trampoline. Littler was having a blast, especially since she kept falling over and getting bounced sky-high. Z got some cute pictures. I laughed because woah, I’m fat these days, but who cares. I had fun with the kiddo, and that was the main thing.

Anyhoos, I should probably start herding the children towards bed. School is back in session tomorrow, so.


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