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Not Enough Popcorn

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We came, we voted, we… got a hung Parliament. I’m somehow okay with this — to a point. That Despicable May has chosen to form a government with the DUP, and not even able to make a ‘proper’ coalition of it… well. As people pointed out today, the fact she’s having to rely on non-English MPs for various legislation makes… Read more »

Nearly, but Not Quite!

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Looking at the ball of wool, and looking at the first sock, I think I can safely say that they’re not going to end up near identical. I’m fine with that though, more than fine with it. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it any number of times, but one of the joys of variegated wools (to me) is the little… Read more »


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Yes, the sky was actually that bright and blue without me needing to help it. In fact, I couldn’t actually see what I was trying to photograph when I did — because it was too bright for me to be able to see my phone properly. So yanno, lucky me that a semi-decent picture came of it, ha ha Really… Read more »


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I don’t know if I can call it rain per se, but some amount of water has forced itself out of the sky, grudgingly. The weather still claims that we’ll see some rain today, but. *shrugs* I am not complaining. It’s been cooler, I’m comfortable, and able to wear an extra layer. Heck, I even was able to sleep under… Read more »

Fab, Innit

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The last couple of days have slammed into ‘hot’ so hard that I find myself wanting ice lollies like none other. And like, where last week ice cream was divine, this week I’m past the point where I sanely want to put dairy anything in my face. A bit of chocolate and vanilla is fine over the strawberry, but alas,… Read more »

Spotted on Facebook

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Today’s featured images comes compliments of my friend Lyxia; she made it her Facebook cover photo and it made me smile. It is an understandably rough day for a lot of people with the end result of the Presidential election, so I’ve been doing my best to find little things to keep my spirits up. I also had something very… Read more »

Periscope Down

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If there was ever a day to avoid the news and the wider internet, today is one of those days. I’ve been fortunate that my Facebook has been a mainly pleasant stream of people sharing that they voted. The only mildly annoying spot was some of the sanctimoniousness of the third-party voters, but eh. I’m not going to hold it… Read more »