A Little Grind

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I am pleased that I have some inspiration for bracelets this evening. I’m making ones I’ve ‘already’ made, except in different colourways in patterns. Heh, I guess that one could argue that means they’re different bracelets, but I’m able to keep them in some of the broad categories I’ve made without any problems, so that’s useful for my brain. Whatever. I’m still findings ways to make things, and that is a Good Thing™®.

Past that, a scissor sharpener that I ordered came in today, and apparently £3.42 can buy happiness in Adultland. I’m not 100% sure I’ve used it correctly, but as the blades seem sharper, I guess that it’s probably okay.

Right, I still have writing that I forgot about from this morning to do, so I’mma do that. Butts!


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