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Z had the bright idea that we should check out how to get the gazebo up before the weekend, so we went outside to do science.  The tl;dr is that it’s not too hard to get up, and not too hard to get down. I… missed out on the second part because I completely spaced out. But at least it works, and we should be able to get it up and down fairly quickly on Saturday. After all, don’t want to miss the football!

I also made a trip down to the Post Office to get my petty cash on. I now know when the Post Office generally gets their change delivery too, so that’s useful. It’s the steps like this that make it all feel Very Real™®, lemme tell you. Add in some beads coming in, and I find myself flail-making more things because yanno, can’t have enough things.

Right, off I wander.


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