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As you can see, sock #2 is starting to get off to a good start. It’s a pretty good match-up colour-wise so far, but we’ll see how it goes. I might get further along and find that someone has done a random-ass grafting like in the other skein. *shakes head* Whatever the case, I’m enjoying the turn of speed that comes from getting a second sock done.

And lately, I just feel like my knitting is starting to get faster anyways, though it will never compare to one of the ladies in my knitting circle; she is one of the fastest, if not THE fastest knitter in the United Kingdom. I still chuckle to remember when our group did a 24 hour knit-a-thon, and I made the ‘mistake’ of sitting next to her and feeling slower than a dead snail. I ended up switching to crochet to feel like I was making adequate progress, but really. She’s a delight to behold, and a point of inspiration.

Today though, inspiration came from LoveKnitting being enabling. Some of the Cascade Tivoli is marked down to £3.85 from £10.99, so I was suckered in to buying enough to make me another shirt. And of course, a skein of sock wool, because yanno, more socks. I really, really didn’t need to buy more wool, but I still have Christmas money to spend, so Z was cheerfully enabling me along with LoveKnitting.

I also thought about future knitting. I keep trying to think of ways to bust my stash and not quite getting around to any of it. Crochet would be the best method because it uses up lots of wool and fast, but I don’t really feel like doing any crochet. One thing that I *am* trying to talk myself around to doing is starting to knit a little stash of baby clothing//gifts for friends who might randomly have babies. It’s such a good idea in part of my head, but the rest of my brain and body never quite get around to it. Having said that, I’ve only just put this ‘to paper’ here, so that’s stage one of getting my brain to actually think about it concretely.

In non-knitting happenings, I had to sit bat down and chew them out. tl;dr I’d been feeling neglected for some time now and then found out something that I was really hurt at finding out second/third-hand, so I called them out on it. Which was well received, because we’ve both grown up and were able to handle it in a constructive, respectful manner. I’m still a bit ugh for having to shake the tree ’cause of severe lack of spoons, but. It was for the good. I think the main takeaway is that we both have backslid on making effort for various and legitimate reasons, and that we both have to try a bit harder. It’s worthwhile, though. 🙂

Yup yup, I’m off.



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