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I was very happy last night, as I met my desired knitting goal — I finished the half of the front I was working on. I also sat down and got the second half mathed out, so I’ve managed a few rows of that today. I don’t know what my knitting end goal for today is at this point, but… Read more »


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The last couple of school runs, Littler has decided that we were going an alternate route home. I don’t really mind, because yanno, change of scenery. This little flower has been chilling there for at least a couple of weeks now. I suspect it will be gone sooner rather than later as the weather continues to descend into winter. Honestly,… Read more »

The Last Night

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Tonight’s image comes from when I was puttering around with Littler and Z’s mom while Littler ‘rode’ her bike. I really like signage, to the point of having gotten caught stealing a sign from a store’s bathroom, and being told I wasn’t allowed to come back. ANYWAYS. This is the last night on the current bed. I am excite. Z… Read more »

Bow, Humans

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What you see here are the faces of two felines who are not amused at the slaggardness of their human slaves. They were closing in on Z (just out of picture), becauseĀ  they were hungry and he hadn’t fed them immediately upon arrival home. Of course, if they had their way, they would have a constant supply of food to… Read more »

Laundry Inspector

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Any time I’ve got the clean laundry spread across the bed, Batman thinks that it is his solemn duty to bury himself in my share of it. I get it, he’s my jealous boyfriend, and he’s got to get his smell all over my things. I annoyed him by trapping him in and smooching his face — after annoying him… Read more »

Hair Today

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When I got up this morning and was brushing my hair, I liked the way it was catching the light. I tried to take a clever mirror shot, but this at arm’s length ended up working a lot better. I really need to recolour it sooner rather than later, but it takes a lot of spoons to get that done…. Read more »

Sunlight Dreamer

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Today’s picture comes compliments of actually going outdoors, ha ha. The kids were over visiting their grandparents, so Z and I took the tape measure outside to get a loose idea of what we’re working with in regards to the near future refurbishments. Our base plan involves taking down a dangerous old wall and replacing it with a fence, but… Read more »

Impulse Goooood

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Z and I do the vast majority of our grocery shopping online for delivery. We tend to start in the discount section, which means that we get some things we’d probably not get otherwise. One of mine this most recent shop was cinnamon rolls, which nobody regrets. We all had one as a post-dinner treat and were well received. It… Read more »

It Looked Better on Paper

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Okay so like, my hair looked more artfully tumbled when I looked at in the mirror than it came out in this picture, honest. But I’m still happy enough using it for today’s post, if only ’cause I can’t think of anything else to take a picture of right now. I can say that I am more jazzed by my… Read more »

And Another One Done

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Mondays mean, as usual, doing as little as possible. I made sure the little one was tended to and mainly amused, I grudgingly made sure I ate something vaguely resembling healthy, and otherwise tuned out. I finished off the blanket square I’ve been dithering over the last couple of days and started an altogether different one, so yay for that…. Read more »