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When I got up this morning and was brushing my hair, I liked the way it was catching the light. I tried to take a clever mirror shot, but this at arm’s length ended up working a lot better. I really need to recolour it sooner rather than later, but it takes a lot of spoons to get that done. Still, I loves it. I don’t invest a lot of stock in personal vanity, but I’ve always thought well of my hair. It’s also one of my favourite fiddle toys, so. šŸ˜€

Today has been a spectacular day of not doing anything important. Z has been covering as usual ’cause he’s amazing and I’m a bit zoned out and rubbish by default. *chuckles* He’s currently getting the girls scrubbed up for school tomorrow. I’m not ready to think about it being a school day already. After the summer holiday, two days isn’t enough days between weeks of school, ha ha. It’s fine. I’ll get used to it again sooner or later, but it’s just sort of like ‘what, again?!’ at this exact second.

Oh, I guess I sort of did one thing — I finished another hardcore run in KoL. I’m going to bum around in ‘aftercore’ until I hit level 15, and then ascend. I hope to do it faster than this one; my inaugural return run was 16 days, while this was 11. I would like to get that sub-10, but I’m not going to fret if I don’t either. I’m just glad to be getting my chops going again.

On the lighter side of a seriously bad deal — I am thinking Hurricane Irma proves that there is no God. There have been multiple sympathies willing to convert if the storm flattened Mar-a-Lago. Instead, the storm has veered off to the west coast of Florida. I know that doesn’t mean it can’t happen, but still. The whole situation makes my heart hurt. I saw something earlier that points out that evacuation is the privilege of the well off, which is true. The poor can’t afford to lose everything they are going to lose, and while ‘you’re the most important thing!’ sounds true, it rings false when you don’t have any buffer.

Huh, this apparently didn’t post last night when I thought it did. Sorry about that!


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