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It was a rainy school run, so I grabbed any umbrellas I could find for it. Which means I could only find Smallhausen’s umbrella, as we leave it hanging up in the downstairs toilet. I guess that was fine, as the worst of the rain trying to get in my face was on the way to school. It was still going on the way back, but as it wasn’t hitting my glasses, I could handle it. I couldn’t handle the pain I caused from hurrying to get through the rain, or not having Littler’s hand to tripod my crippled arse for the walk back home. She wanted both hands on the umbrella, so I wasn’t going to make her do otherwise. She enjoyed the novelty, and was kind enough to give me a few minutes to catch my breath before getting her lunch once we were in and changed.

Littler was also quite the cuddle monster today, to my pleasure. I know that the day she won’t be able to wrap herself around me is coming sooner rather than later, so I cherish what time I can get with her twined around me. I guess you could say it was a side benefit of it being a bit chillier today; I wrapped her up in my bathrobe and she was content. We also did our usual tickling and jokes and being silly, which I can only see getting even better as she gets older (though she is effin’ hilarious and clever already).

Past that, poking at my knitting, and poking at Dragon Age. Z clocked that you can get the Game of the Year edition with all the content for £25, so that’s a must-buy at some point in future. Z suspects that we’ll be able to nab it even cheaper in the lead up to Christmas, so I will sit on my hands and defer to his judgement on the matter. He’s more than likely right; he keeps better track of the annual arc of game pricing than I do.

Right, time to herd little ones to bed.


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