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Today has been… wet. There’s been a little bit of thunder, a couple spells of heavy rain, and on the whole has been delightful (except where I had to run through it, ha ha). Forecasters are saying we’re going to get more of the same over the next week, so as long as it doesn’t affect the school run, I’m quite happy.

Less happy today is Littler’s guts. She has molars working through still, and that threw her innards off. Z has been inadvertently heroic dealing with the clean-up…¬†inadvertent because he called me to help him once and I didn’t hear him… whups. I hope that she’s got the worst of this over, if only so she doesn’t dehydrate herself. She’s in good spirits at least, so that’s something.

*peers out window* There’s a well good rainbow out there now. I looked out the window and it was there, surprise! The girls are both pleased, because yanno, rainbows are cool. As for me, no matter how long I’m living here, no matter how much more common rainbows are here — I’m still digging them. They’re magic from nature and science, and they stick around for effin’ ever. Like seriously, this one has been out there for at least five minutes and doesn’t seem like it’s in a rush to go. How is that not magic.

((It ended up taking like, 15 minutes for it to fade. MAGICAL))

Right, time to herd childlings to bed, and to get stuck back into mah knitting. I’m almost done with the main body of the left front, so I ‘m hoping that will encourage me to keep my nose down and get-r-done.


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