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It Looked Better in Person

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I stood up to open the window because I thought I had heard thunder, and instead was treated to a lovely little double rainbow. It was only there for a minute or so, and the second rainbow started going before I could get a camera on it, but you can just about see it if you squint. I failed in… Read more »


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Today has been… wet. There’s been a little bit of thunder, a couple spells of heavy rain, and on the whole has been delightful (except where I had to run through it, ha ha). Forecasters are saying we’re going to get more of the same over the next week, so as long as it doesn’t affect the school run, I’m… Read more »


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If there is one thing that continues to delight me about living in the United Kingdom, it’s that there are a metric crapton of rainbows. And it doesn’t matter how many there are, because each one makes me jump up and take pictures and make happy noises. Realising this one was a double, of course, way notched up the excitement…. Read more »

Outside My Window

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The blinds have stayed pulled shut for the most part lately. But I spotted a strange orange-y colour through a crack, and had to investigate. I was rewarded with this here rainbow! There is much I love about living in the United Kingdom, but the fact I see several rainbows a year is one of them. I guess you can’t… Read more »