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Outside My Window

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The blinds have stayed pulled shut for the most part lately. But I spotted a strange orange-y colour through a crack, and had to investigate. I was rewarded with this here rainbow! There is much I love about living in the United Kingdom, but the fact I see several rainbows a year is one of them. I guess you can’t… Read more »

People are REALLY Stupid about Immigration

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Okay, I am going to preface this one with the assertion that most people have no reason to know anything about immigration. After all, it’s not like they’re immigrants. Or migrants. Or refugees. However, as someone who has fallen under one of those categories (the first one), I am significantly less stupid about it than most people, at least, as… Read more »

Work Harder, Plebs

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Both the United States and the United Kingdom are making utter fucking asses out of themselves right now. It’s pathetic. Both seem to be trying to outdo the other to tell poor people that they’re crap. You’ve got numpties like Bush the Third telling people they just need to work harder to take care of their families. Um, wow… what… Read more »