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Today’s picture comes compliments of actually going outdoors, ha ha. The kids were over visiting their grandparents, so Z and I took the tape measure outside to get a loose idea of what we’re working with in regards to the near future refurbishments. Our base plan involves taking down a dangerous old wall and replacing it with a fence, but it’s one of many ideas on the table. For example, it seems my father-in-law suggested the idea of adding a room to the front of the house! We don’t know if this would actually be possible for a myriad of reasons, but Z and I are certainly charmed by the idea. Even moving house, we still had too much stuff for this space, and having an extra room would enable us to Jenga Tetris shit around enough to actually be able to organise and clear things. We’ll see how it goes, I guess. It’s already generous enough of them to help us with the necessary repairs; it humbles us that they want to go above and beyond to make our home even better.

Today has been a do-nothing day outside of running around outside with the tape measure. That’s good on the whole, and well. I managed to keep things sane by not reading too much of what happened yesterday in Charlottesville. Which means, of course, I’m reading a lot more than is probably reasonable, but like… I cannot believe that this can happen in our supposedly enlightened Western cultures. I mean, I *know* it does — we have the English Defense League here, after all. I don’t know, it’s just… it’s heartbreaking. It’s reprehensible. I wish I could do more to call people out for it, but I can barely manage feeding myself most days (thanks, chronic fatigue!).

On the bright side, it’s International Left-Hander’s Day? Considering that myself and the girls are all left-handed, this should probably become a household holiday to celebrate. I don’t know how you’d do that — ladyfingers? Foam fingers? It might be worth thinking about before next year, ha ha.


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