And Another One Done

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Mondays mean, as usual, doing as little as possible. I made sure the little one was tended to and mainly amused, I grudgingly made sure I ate something vaguely resembling healthy, and otherwise tuned out. I finished off the blanket square I’ve been dithering over the last couple of days and started an altogether different one, so yay for that. I’m thinking of actually picking my DPNs back up though and working on the mice again. I’m just about ready to face more toy-making for the moment, ha ha. We’ll see, as it requires digging out a section of my desk again, and I really don’t want to be dealing with that right now.

Speaking of not wanting to deal with things, I have been keeping my head below the parapet with the recent cycles of news. For one, I don’t believe in kink-shaming people, even assholes like Trump. For two, I REALLY don’t want to think about that particular kink, because I have more and more problems with faecal matter the older I get (why I have kids and cats when I have that problem, har har). Well. They predate it being as bad a mental issue as it is now, but anyways. I don’t want to hear much about that. As for whether Trump is gonna make it more than a day as President, or if Brexit still means Brexit… shit. Too much speculation and too much time to do it in. I’d rather just… not. For once. I still care and I do what little bits I can towards social action, but there’s only so much I *can* do while remaining sane.



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