Life is Like a Box Of…

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Socks. Unsorted Socks. Esquire. But it’s apt after a fashion — it’s a colourful mess of random trying to find a match, preferably that doesn’t have any holes. Or wait, holes are… never mind, I’ll just worry about sorting them rather than philosophisin’ over them xD.

My laptop has needed to go in to get looked at for some time, and I’m finally making sure that Z takes it off of me tomorrow to get that done. He’s been trying to nudge me along with that for some time now, so it will be good to get it sorted. I probably need a new GPU. I direly want the fan replaced. Z proposed that we go in together so I can run them through the problems as I see it, which is probably a good idea. I can use someone else’s computer while I’m in the office anyways, and like, take the tablet if I want to be accessible by chattery friends. I can also take my knitting bag if I’m feeling cheeky, ha ha. So yeah, I guess I better lay out some ‘real’ clothing when I go up to bed!

For now though, I should probably look at those socks.



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