Local Rocks

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One thing that is going around here is the painting of rocks, and then leaving them for people to find. The girls ‘found’ this one earlier today, and now have to find somewhere else in the village to stash it. It made it to the grocery store with us, but as Z pointed out to the kids — it’s a village rock, so it needs to find a new ‘hiding’ place in the village.

And with the trip to the grocery store, one of my steps towards getting ready for tomorrow is complete. I needed to pick up lunch/snacks to take with, as I am flying solo and won’t have anyone to do a food run for me. I’m a little nervous about not having anyone to lean on specifically, but the people who work the fair regularly are nice, and I can certainly trust them to keep an eye on my table if I need to use the bathroom.

*sighs* Right, I should probably make sure my boxes are organised, since I won’t really have time in the morning to do anything.


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