We Got One!

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Okay, it’s totally a bit sad, but I’m super thrilled that I have now had -a- sale this month. Which means that I needed to make another of the item to relist, hence the stuff out on the desk with all the other stuff. I even took a fresh batch of photos so that the listing will have yanno, photos that aren’t quite as gloomy — y’all can be the judge on that. 🙂

Past that, been marinading in pain meds. I was able to put weight on my foot and walk properly, though now my right hand is feeling a bit swoll and ouchy. It makes me wonder if I managed to do it a damage while trying to not drop Littler, but eh. The foot supports my weight, which means that I won’t be a total wreck for Saturday.

Of course, tell that to my brain. I keep having dreams about the fair, to include forgetting to bring food, and being shifted from table to table. I’ve also had several dreams where I am just sitting there zoned out instead of getting set up, and it’s like, brain, stooop. I think it’s just residual fears because I’m flying solo. We’re going to hit up Tesco tomorrow evening so I can get food stockpiled for snacking, and most of my supplies are still boxed up tidily from last month.

I am going to go back to knitting and making stitch markers. I’m not going to make new stock for the fair past the set I made to replace what sold, but I plan on making a few odds and sods to have in a pot so people can look and see what they look like without digging into the organza bags… not that anyone does, because yanno, British. xD


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