Goodbye to an Old Friend

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And no, not the cat — Poison continues to exist, in spite of our severe betrayal in getting rid of the old couch. The new one is in now, and she’s trying to ignore its existence (which is pretty impressive, because it’s obscenely long). I’m sure that she’ll go check it out on her own terms,b ut she’s not ready for that yet.

The girls have proven to me and Z what we expected of the new couch though — even being as long as that half of the room, the girls manage to take up nearly all of it. Z has already been bumped down to the far end near me, which. We’ll see how things settle out as once we all get used to having it in the house, but for now… so much tinyperson sprawl. xD

As for me, I’ve upped my not moving game. When the guys came to swap out the couches, my foot collapsed under me as I hit the bottom of the stairs. I was carrying Littler, who I managed to keep from falling or whacking into anything. So instead of giving the furniture guys a proper greeting, they got to see me shuffle to my chair in a half-crawl because I wasn’t ready to put weight on my foot again. It doesn’t appear to be broken and supports my weight properly, but I’d rather let the pain meds do their thing and just… not. It also serves to remind me that I need to get down to the wheelchair shop at some point and discuss the way forward. I mean, my feet don’t make a habit of collapsing under me, but it reminds me I trust in my arms more than my legs.

Right, I’m off.


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