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I have said in the past of our love of all things stationary. So needing to replace our old shredder was a thing of happy rather than a pain in the ass. I was also pleasantly surprised that we were able to find a better replacement for, I’m pretty sure, less than the outgoing one costs my in-laws 5+ years ago. I didn’t have a huge shredding backlog, but it was nice to get it off of my box of Scaremix and into the bin.

And anyways, I was glad for the backlog for testing purposes, as I generated -a- sheet of paper today. I’ve almost caught my own tail, so most of the catching up was an entry or two per account. So tomorrow should see me pretty much fully swung around — aww yiss.

Right, train of thought keeps crashing, so I’mma go try to focus it on finishing le sock.


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