Inordinately Pleased

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Even though we have a foot-powered can press, I’ve fallen out of habit of using it. Call me old, but the bending and the up and down were wearing on me. So I started half-assedly hand crushing, and then after a bit, my hands remembered how to do it right. So of course, I’m overly pleased with my ‘accomplishment’, only bettered by frat boys slamming them into their heads. xD

Today has been… well. I had weird sad-bad dreams, and woke up a million times, and woke up feeling kind of human? I got a decent amount of work done, and though it took a couple of passes, I got the upstairs bathroom properly cleaned. We have company this weekend, and possibly next weekend as well, so yanno… that particular project was overdue. I’m going to give the downstairs bathroom a second pass at some point in the week, and that’s the main two chores done that I wanted to get sorted. It all goes towards trying to organise and declutter the house, slowly but surely.

Right, I have been on the go all day, so I am going to curl up and not move now.


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