Little Wanderer

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((of course, referring to the most excellent Death Cab for Cutie song))

But yes, willingly went out of doors. I had an idea of what I wanted for lunch, but I had neither Italian dressing, or the white vinegar to try and make my own. So I went to the Post Office… which had neither. But at least it was a nice kind of cool/cold to saunter through, so yanno… not a complete loss.

Really, the main thing about today is my annoyance at getting slammed with a super huge wave of brain fog and sleepiness after making myself eat the things. Even when I was Smalls’ age, I was bemused by the inefficiency of the human meatbag; the vast majority of calories a functioning human consumes goes to powering things up and not much else. And then you get us chronically fatigued sorts. My attempts to eat the things today were mainly healthy, but somehow that didn’t magically make it better… but anyways.

Right, gonna go zone out, and see if I can get my head back into knitting gear. I’ve done about half of what I wanted to do today in that regard, which was still pretty good.


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