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La, there is a sock. And a half. I’m making good progress on my row goal for the day, and will probably exceed it, considering that it’s several hours earlier than I thought it was. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to how early it gets dark in the autumn/winter, even if I am mainly okay with. For example, we got about 9 and a half hours of daylight here today. while ‘back home’ in Texas has an extra hour above that on the clock. I’m sure that the difference will be more start around the winter equinox… I will have to try to remember to look at that then.

But yeah, it’s been a laid back day. I’ve done what I do most days, which is overall satisfying. I’ve mainly felt awake and with a manageable amount of pain, which is a lovely bonus. I’ve spared a tiny bit of thought towards my next-in-line knitting plans, but haven’t reached a decision as to what I will actually get around to doing. I think it’ll end up being finish socks, work on cardi a bit, and then get stuck into another pair of socks. Because socks. But really, as long as I always have something on the go, or a plan for what to do next, I am happy.

Right, back to all of that.


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