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Inordinately Pleased

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Even though we have a foot-powered can press, I’ve fallen out of habit of using it. Call me old, but the bending and the up and down were wearing on me. So I started half-assedly hand crushing, and then after a bit, my hands remembered how to do it right. So of course, I’m overly pleased with my ‘accomplishment’, only… Read more »

Little Wanderer

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((of course, referring to the most excellent Death Cab for Cutie song)) But yes, willingly went out of doors. I had an idea of what I wanted for lunch, but I had neither Italian dressing, or the white vinegar to try and make my own. So I went to the Post Office… which had neither. But at least it was… Read more »

Progress Shot

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La, there is a sock. And a half. I’m making good progress on my row goal for the day, and will probably exceed it, considering that it’s several hours earlier than I thought it was. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to how early it gets dark in the autumn/winter, even if I am mainly okay with. For example,… Read more »

Ready to Party

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One of Smaller’s classmates had a birthday party today, so this was prepping the card. She drew a little picture of a person with, I think, a magic wand, and then finished up with her signature. She’s been able to sign her name for ages now, but it’s finally starting to look like a signature rather than an abstract shape…. Read more »


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There is still Halloween candy that we didn’t hand out on the day, so I’ve been having fun dipping into it. It’s always a point of bemusement that candy hearts are part of the Halloween assortments, but yanno… they go in the face the same, regardless of time of year. I was also delighted that all words on the hearts… Read more »

Squishy is the Head…

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… that balances silk wool with a picture of a crown on it on her head. Yes, my wool arrived, and apparently this is how I felt was the best way to celebrate this. Well, and giving it pats and squeezes, obviously. I don’t know where I am going to put it in my sock making queue, but it is… Read more »

Don’t Lose Your Head

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Due to the general age of this couch, Poison has worn the back of it down in strange and interesting ways. As of late, you can find her during the day with her head tucked behind one cushion in such a manner that she looks headless from pretty much any angle. As much as I am looking forward to the… Read more »


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If there is one thing that we have in profusion, it’s soft toys. This is one of the ones we acquired by comparing meerkats, which the girls have taken to calling Baby News. I’m not sure what Baby News was doing downstairs, but I got asked to keep an eye on her while the girls were in school (and her… Read more »

Out There

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Yeah, I was outside. Woo. *chuckles* Smalls had an appointment at the hospital to check her arches, so I had to pick up Smaller from school. She appreciated the novelty of it, and me. Eh. *chuckles* I got there and back, and got to the right place to pick her up, and the whole thing did make me smile. I… Read more »

Back to ‘Normal’

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It’s Remembrance Day, which means bye bye, poppies! I’m glad that I could contribute to the local colour by knitting a few, but it’s nice to have it done, and to be back to my ‘normal’ knitting. I’ve got the second sock and another thing on the go, so it’s a matter of whether or not I work them at… Read more »