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If there is one thing that we have in profusion, it’s soft toys. This is one of the ones we acquired by comparing meerkats, which the girls have taken to calling Baby News. I’m not sure what Baby News was doing downstairs, but I got asked to keep an eye on her while the girls were in school (and her egg as well, which sure, okay). So I tucked her up in my completed sock, which met approval, and earned me thanks when the girls got back from school. What can I say, I love their brainmeats and the cute things that they do with ’em.

And speaking of brainmeats, I managed to actually get some function out of mine today. It was easily the most productive day I have had in months — months. I’m hoping that I can keep some of the same going this week and legit getting myself more or less caught up. I know, ever chasing my tail, but it’s pleasing to feel like I’m finally in with a chance to make it so.

For now, I’mma see if I can do any knitting. I’ve had pinchy-nerve back pain all day, and while I’ve managed to stretch it out enough to type, I don’t know if that’ll translate to knitting, or ‘serious’ gaming. We’ll see!


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