Don’t Lose Your Head

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Due to the general age of this couch, Poison has worn the back of it down in strange and interesting ways. As of late, you can find her during the day with her head tucked behind one cushion in such a manner that she looks headless from pretty much any angle. As much as I am looking forward to the new couch rolling up, I am totally going to miss this particular sight (and not just because it muffles her super loud snores, ha ha).

Beyond kitty cuteness, it’s been an alright day. My back wasn’t pinging too much, and while I didn’t manage to achieve ninja focus like yesterday, it was alright. It’s just a relief to be feeling better than last week, yanno? It’s still not great by any standard by my own, but I’ll happily take it.

Other than that, getting my head into knitty gear. I decided to practice right-handed knitting, as it’s been a bit since I’d refreshed myself on it. It’s mainly tidy, though it’s slow and awkward. You would think that the muscle memory would be similar regardless of which hand you were using, but it’s totally not. And by that, I don’t just mean the hands making the stitches — I mean up the arms, and through the shoulders. Eh — that’s part of why it’s good to make with the practice.

Right, time to nom some grub. Dord!


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