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Yeah, I was outside. Woo. *chuckles* Smalls had an appointment at the hospital to check her arches, so I had to pick up Smaller from school. She appreciated the novelty of it, and me. Eh. *chuckles* I got there and back, and got to the right place to pick her up, and the whole thing did make me smile. I do like getting one on one with the kiddos, even when it requires me to manage pain so that I can actually make a thing happen.

Speaking of things and happening, Z hit me with a pleasant surprise yesterday. He’d cashed out some of the Tesco Clubcard points to spend on shopping, and then assigned the commensurate amount between us. I went a tiny bit over, but I treated myself to some pretty wool. There’s a James C. Brett sock wool I’ve not tried before, so I got a skein of that, and a skein of silk sock wool. I’ve still got almost all the sock wool from holiday to get through, but that’s fine. I’ll just make socks next year to the exclusion of most anything else.

Aaand crap, news just broke that Stan Lee has died. He was old and had a full life, but still. Who is gonna make cute cameos in the Marvel Universe movies now? Maybe his daughter will… not that she owes us, but they were just so pure and adorable. My social media feeds are blowing up with pretty much every person I know posting about it because hey. He mattered. He did a thing that brought so many people together.

Right, time to herd children bed-wise.


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