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There is still Halloween candy that we didn’t hand out on the day, so I’ve been having fun dipping into it. It’s always a point of bemusement that candy hearts are part of the Halloween assortments, but yanno… they go in the face the same, regardless of time of year. I was also delighted that all words on the hearts were spelled out fully and correctly, because I am no fun. xD

Smalls, on the other hand, is off having fun. The school has dances with some regularity, and I don’t think she’s missed one yet. This one is for the older kids, so it’s longer, and even has a little snack shop. We sent her with a pocket of 20ps and told her to have at, because if it’s gonna be there, might as well indulge! I look forward to hearing if it’s better or worse now that the dance is in the big school rather than the little school. I’m betting on better, as the hall ceiling isn’t as high, so the echo isn’t murderous. Smaller’s dance was before half-term, so she’s chilling out and playing with the marble run. It’s adorable to watch her built, and how cheerful she is if it all falls apart on her.

Right! I am going to go be fun and knit. Dord.


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