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It feels super weird to be able to take my ling ring out. I put it right back in after taking this picture, but still. My face feels naked. I’m slightly annoyed because I thought the one I ordered last night would be here today, but it seems it’s going to be tomorrow instead. At least it’s before I’m out on Thursday? If not only for my sanity, for the girls. They are both super weirded out with me not having it in, because it’s part and parcel of who I am to them. Add that with the whole got the new glasses yesterday… well. It’s probably not going to be as hard to adjust to as Smalls claimed it would be, but I can appreciate that it’s a change.

It’s been raining today, which has been lovely. There was even a singular peal of thunder; I’m hoping we’ll get more of that later. For the moment, it’s gone bright out, so the curtains are drawn. While I don’t have light-sensitive migraines really, I *am* feeling a bit more sensitive to light while I adjust to the new glasses, so.

Right, gonna go curl up with some caffeine, retro gaming, and knitting. Have a goodun!


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