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New glasses: gotten. And while they’re a bit bigger than the pair they are replacing, I think I rather do like them. It’s still weird to feel the bottom of them when I smile though… but I’ll get used to that.

And while it’s dumb, I was having an anxiety about having to deal with this on my own. I wasn’t going to make Z come anyways; he needed to get caught up on work, and more importantly, he’s still having breathing trouble from being ill. So I decided that I was gonna let myself have a wee bit of retail therapy, which meant wandering into Ryman for a gander (what can I say, I freaking love pens).

While I was there making my decision, I noticed one of the voices behind the counter had an American accent. And was explaining something about music copyright, which was super interesting. I got to talking with her, and she’s studied music/music business in college. She’s a knitter. She knows about the spoon theory. She also knows about the current KoL woes from a friend on a message board, and I’m like… woah. Fateful encounter, I think so. I gave her my card with information on how to find two of the evening knitting groups, as well as giving her my real name. I hope that she ends up coming along to knitting, because I think I might’ve just snagged a potential bestie, ha ha. If I haven’t scared her shitless, which is always a probability with my level of enthusiasm once I start going.

But yes, now I am at home, and exhausted. I think that, needing to walk into town aside, going into work a few times a month might be a productive use of my time. It *is* nice to socialise with my co-workers in small doses, and today I was able to also help with some brainstorming for our Christmas rent-a-tree at the church in the town centre. The theme is ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’, and while I made it very clear when they first mentioned it that they couldn’t afford me crafting out a tree’s worth of stuff, I was happy to help bring up ideas on how we could do our own take on the theme.

Right, gonna go caffeine and slaughter some monsters.


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