Relief and Not Relief

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So, on the yay hand, I’ve managed to draw myself through a bath; the glory of clean hair is never underestimated.

On the boo hand… I can’t deny the existence of my fibromyalgia anymore.  I’ve noticed the last couple of days that my bones felt heavy, and this morning, I’m like… is this my body attempting to understand pain? Turns out, it was. This is the first time that I’ve had what I call a ‘proper’ flare, confirmed by peeps who have been dealing with this bullshit longer. I’m in mainly good spirits, especially since I managed to eke out a proper day of work as well, but still. Hopefully it’ll feel better tomorrow. Heh. Hopefully. It’s easy enough to be cheerful when it’s only a couple of days of a thing.

Right, off to shop for a dremel. Toys!


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