Flappety, Etc

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Even with making the slowest of progress, progress *is* being made sock-wise. I’ve started on the heel flap, which is usually a point where I can find a bit more focus… not that I have a lot right now. Smalls suggested that we order pizza for dinner (it’s cheaper on Tuesdays), and we were down with it too. Between pizza and ALL THE WINGS, I’m yawning my little face off. But that’s fine, really. I had a good work day, so how better to cap it off. 🙂

Past that, window shopping on Amazon. Now that I’ve got the idea of a dremel in mind, it’s like… why don’t I just buy myself one and a press stand? I have the money in my fun money pile, and more to spare. I also can splash out on more beads and things from that pot, maybe pay myself back later or something. My Etsy fund is back in the positive, but only just. I need to leave the small margin there is at current to cover the monthly Etsy fees.

Anyways. Gonna go zone out. Love!


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