Happy Hands

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Not been up to much today, which is perfect. Most of it has been doing jewellery-making science. I have a big bag of 14mm dice, dice that were supposed to be 12mm, but *anyways*. I drilled a few out last night to get my head around potential ideas, and I think that earrings might be the winner. I’ve made a few pairs, with cacking up plenty of my wire twisting shizz around to make an attractive frame for the dice. I think I’ve just about got it figured out, and I like how they hang, so. I think there’s a chance they’ll sell alright.

What else… oh, I guess it was sort of important that I kept Mum distracted today. Z’s dad was going in to have earwax removed, and he’s like… super glacial in his movement these days, and it keeps Mum really stressed out about his being. So she came around and let me make her a coffee and just generally chat and hang out. We keep gently reminding her that she’s always welcome to walk around here, stretch her legs, get out of her headspace… well, if it’s legal. We’re waiting for the government to update us on what the newest lockdown is gonna be like. We know it’s probably gonna be a solid month, but will the kids go to school?  Lockdown really should have happened again ages ago, so I’m not against it. I worry about Mum’s sanity the most… but we’ll handle everything as it comes.

Right, I’m off. Stay safe, y’all.


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