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Z and I were pottering around this morning, getting into work mode, when the internet went down. It’s like, oh… and yeah, even the modem was red and angry. tl;dr, they were doing work on the main cable on the main road, and it took out pretty much everyone in the village. We were worried that it was gonna be… Read more »


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My new needles came in today! So now they’re loaded up in my pretty case, and I made labels for each pocketeses. I’ve got bigger ones tucked behind the top row ’cause there was ‘only’ 9 pockets for circulars. There’s other pockets that are useful for other things, but I haven’t decided if I want to move any of my… Read more »

Yarn It

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So yeah, squares continue, and I’ve got wool caked up to start on a pair of socks for Smaller. It’s funny — she’d asked me to make her a pair, not knowing that I was already planning to. I’ve waved the wool at her several times, to include us having a headbutting it at each other game. I look forward… Read more »

Next Up

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I‘ve decided the next crochet blanketing will be done square-wise. They’re coming up at about 7 and a half inches right now, which seems a pretty spiff size. I’ve done them in double crochet (US reckoning), and am trying a triple crochet to see if I like how that comes up, slash if I can do it any faster than… Read more »

So Soon?

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I think that I am getting near the end of this particular blanket. It’s around 40 inches long, and not too many more wide. It’s enough to be able to curl up under it, but we’ll see. There’s an equal chance that I’ll decide to try to go a few more inches for lulz. It’s been… a day. I got… Read more »


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So yeah, spent more time thinking about knitting needles, and currently have a basket full of them on HiyaHiya Direct. *chuckles* My only downer is that they don’t have any cases in stock, and even if they did, they’re not cheap. I found someone on Etsy that sells their ‘proper’ circular case, so it’s a consideration. If I could sew… Read more »