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Not Ready

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Poison was rolling around on her back last night, showing us her most excellent belly. I can’t facedive it like I used to, because she’s much faster than she looks these days, but at least I was able to get photographic evidence of just how good it is. It’s vast and soft, and she is pretty down with bellypats. Both… Read more »


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Smaller had her bestie around for a playdate earlier, which meant that friend’s parents were here as well. Playdate all around? Aww yiss. Our children have done a really badass job of befriending people with excellent parents, something that we appreciate in our ‘dotage’, ha ha. It was nice! Games were played, cake was eaten, and Z made it look… Read more »

What Future is This *hrmph*

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This is where I semi-grump at having to fill up my pillbox. I know that it won’t take that long, and once it’s done, it’s done for the next 8 days. Still. I don’t relish it right now ’cause my back nerve has been pinchy all day, and was radiating all the way around my torso this morning. A dose… Read more »


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I’m slooowly nudging along sockage. It’s finally gotten long enough to start changing to another colour, so that’s nice. I’m not not-knitting, but I guess I’ve just been a bit too fatigued to deal with it. Crochet is that arse-hair less thinky, so. It also doesn’t help that I have a smidge of headcold *again*, so add that atop the… Read more »


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My kittencorn randomly fell off its shelf, which I took to be a ‘pet me now!’ sort of move. I know, it’s not real, it’s a toy, but what’s life without a bit of whimsy? And really, it plays into the fact I have been in a ridiculously good mood. By most metrics, I shouldn’t be. I forgot to take… Read more »


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My hand continues to be turned in the crochet way. I’ve been using an ergonomic hook, though I don’t think it’s making much of a difference one way or the other. I crochet really weirdly, like… the hook moves, not the yarn. I’ve only run into one other person who does it that way, but who knows. Maybe there are… Read more »


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I got an urge to make a few bits for my shop today. Or well, make bits, and then eventually get them into my shop. I restocked the rainbow bracelets that people love so much, and made a couple pairs of earrings that I’ve been meaning to science out for a few months now. My ‘test audience’ (aka, showing it… Read more »


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We got called around to see Z’s parents today because their freezer is on the blink, could we help them look for a new one. So Z sat with them at his laptop and they looked at a few options, before deciding to replace like-for-like. It’s still keeping some degree of cold, but Mum wanted to get some of her… Read more »


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I’d commented to Z that it would be cool to get some faerie lights to hang around my ‘window’ here in the lounge. So, of course, a set showed up a few days later to surprise me. Having said that, he’d been talking before that on doing something akin to the girls’ desks, so yanno, same page. And he did… Read more »

Too Bright

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The sun has been making itself known today. I grumbled to Z earlier that the sun was coming through my window, and wasn’t that just rude. But on the whole, it’s been a pleasant day weather-wise, and I enjoyed my quick jaunt to the postbox and back. After that, we popped around to see Z’s parents, as it was his… Read more »