Le Grump

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Vivi decided to drape himself over Z’s foot on the little footstool. The best bit was just… he looked so grumpy about it. I wasn’t able to capture and share the purest of the grump looks, ’cause Smaller came in and got his attention, but this was pretty close.

D came around this morning to discuss the stand he’s building me for my stall. It was productive, he got to talk games with Z for a bit, and he said he’ll have it to me in the week. R is also letting me borrow some cloths to doll up my table, which is sweet. I have a cloth or two *somewhere*, but where is… well. I just had a thought where they might be… note to self, look in the understair cupboard. :< Nope, not there, but Z knew immediately where they were the split second before I realised where they might be. Will look at that after Mum has gone home.

So yeah, back to a bit of chill. 😀


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