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Z bought four pumpkins, which is what we do pretty much every year. He helped the girls do theirs (pictured), and then we agreed to just put the other two out uncarved. He’s gonna use the uncarved ones later to much pumpkin curry, a dish my Melly taught us that we are quite fond of. Hrm, I’m guessing that Halloween last year would have probably been the last time we had one, ha ha.

Today has been fairly unproductive. The super headache BS continues, and once again, I waited until the girls were going to be home from school to take any pain relief.  I’m not sure if this is a result of having done the fair this weekend, or if it’s because I’m sleeping on it funny. I’m hoping writing of the latter here will remind me to think about how I lay down when I’m going to sleep, since there’s a chance my pillows are jacked up too high and messing up my neck.

Right, mind keeps wandering, so I’mma go follow it.


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