Until It Sleeps

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I have achieved the one chore I wanted to get done today; I have put my exhibition stuff away, and relatively tidily to boot. I’m not 100% that’s how I am going to want things, but it does the job of having it not take over the entirety of behind my chair, so.

But yeah, that’s been about it. I’ve got my yarn-based projects back on my desk and my bead-based stuff tucked away, but that hasn’t translated into doing anything knitty yet. Maybe it will later today, but for now, I’m zoning out in games that don’t require me to think very much. Not thinking is very high on my self-care list, ha ha.

Beyond that, today marks Small’s start as a member of the Glasses Brigade. She picked well with her frames, and is happy with them. And as I expected, sharing a picture on my FB wall had a lot of ‘well crap, are you SURE you didn’t clone yourself?’ Hahah naw, I didn’t. I know we have some overlapping features, and her picking similarly styled frames to mine certainly makes it more obvious. I couldn’t tell you why exactly, but I keep feeling the need to specify that I had nothing to do with her choice of frames, as I was home with her sister. I can only guess it’s a holdover from being treated like I was an extension of someone else, and that I want the world to know that I respect my children as individuals, not as parts of myself.

Right, gonna go… stare at space for a bit.


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