Cheap and Cheerful

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I hit a point last night where I ran out of cards for earrings. So I decided I’d suck it up and move on to something else. I ended up circling back to a box of ultra pink, rather cheap beads, and then have turned most of it into bracelets. Like, cheap bracelets at a low price point, but not unattractive either. Maybe  they’ll sell, maybe they’ll won’t, but at least they’re utilised in something. Woo.

I’ve not decided what I am doing with myself this evening. The girls are having a sleepover with their grandparents, so it’s nice and ‘quiet’. We ordered Chinese takeaway, and are watching the footy. I might pick up my knitting, or I might go back to making a few more crochet stitch markers to fill in what I consider to be a bit of a gap in my stock.

Anyways, onward.


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