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So uh, hi. I’m alive, honest. I fell behind on doing this, and then fell out of the habit, and yeah. Time gets away. And it’s not like I have a lot of exciting things to say either, ha ha.

I had a bad vertigo attack a few months ago — that wasn’t fun. I’d run out of meds for a few days because my supplier hadn’t been able to source it, and I guess just a few days of not taking is bad enough to completely wipe me out and leave me gun-shy of leaving the house/air conditioning. I mean, it was a doozy of an attack; I spent the entire next 24 hours once I managed to drag myself into bed sleeping it off. We did manage to find a local pharmacy that had it, and we’ve not had troubles getting it from our normal supplier since, but yeaaah.

Frens in Texas finally had bat’s memorial since last I posted. They made a point to livestream/record it, so I in turn made a point to watch through some of it. I’d also made a point to record a tiny video to send, which was played. I’d promised bat like, over a decade ago that I would go to his memorial to tell everyone what a magnificent bastard he was, and I did it the best I could.

What else… youngest had a birthday, as occurs annually. Nanny bought her a new graphics card for her computer, and we hear significantly less frustrated yells when she’s playing Fortnite. We’d originally fitted her with a GeForce 1060 because she wasn’t playing anything that needed heft. These days, it’s a wee bit different. We also had her friend A and her parents over for vaguely birthday related hanging, which is always a good time.

Speaking of youngest, her class went to another school today to take part in an Anti-bullying concert. I had concerns because of the aforementioned attack; staying in my chair under the a/c helps a lot. Being in cars, and hot halls does not. The trip there was fine, and while the hall was hot and sweaty, I was fine. Well, I lost a pen when I was there and I’m cross about that, but *anyways*. I felt pretty gross on the way back, but we made it home okay. So like… don’t make two car trips of some distance within an hour of each other, if said hour is spent in a hot hall. It at least gave me reassurance that I’ll be more or less okay when we’re off on holiday later this year.

Right, lots of words. Hi, I’ll try to remember to come by more frequently.


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