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One of the things that I especially loved about our late kitty Batman was that he would tuck me in every night. He’d curl up between me and the edge of the bed, and I’d normally have to shake him off of my knee, but he’d stay put until after I was asleep. I never took it for granted; I pre-mourned his death for years because I knew I’d never have another cat the same.

Having said that, Vivi has sort of stepped up into the gap. He flops between myself and Z, but he normally flops against whatever extrusion of me is pointing that way. The last couple of nights, he’s done it while I was still reading… which made me put my book down and curl up around him a bit. I’m also willing to take it as a hint because I’ve not had the same reading until falling asleep thing for some time now, which, rude, but at least this week has been getting to sleep fairly quickly once I finally succumb.

((part of the problem also is, of course, what happens when reading a good book, ha ha))

Youngest has taken it upon herself this week that she wants to learn crochet. Yay! Sharing yarncraft! So I have her working on doing chains. She’s already trying to imply that she’s ready for the next stage of things when her chains are still wobbly and uneven and twisted, but I’ve made it clear I won’t teach her the next step until she’s got that one down. Having said that, I did tell her if she wants to look online for anything, there are near-infinite tutorials, and a semi-respectable body of videos that cater to us left-handed folx.

S’about it for now. Been playing on the family Minecraft realm this evening, so finally exited that to work on my sock. I had to pull the heel back because I’d done that in the wrong colour, but that’s coming along nicely now.


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