Stealth +1

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Z spotted Vivi going up the side of my chair, but never making it to the top. That is, of course, until he realised that Vivi had gone under my cardi. So I had a handful of amusing pictures to pick from of him in his ‘clever’ hiding place. Bonus mildly concerned kitten watching, there in the chair.

Not a huge amount done today… mainly trying to maintain homeostasis. I ended up cancelling on Mum and sending Smaller in my stead; Smaller had requested some Nanny time, so.

Speaking of Mum, I received an email from her today! I’d sent her one in the week with sock progress, and though it took two attempts, she did manage to send me a very short reply. She didn’t want to be a bother/anxiety, which is sweet. I’m proud of her whatever the case. She’s done so well lately and pushing past anxiety and doing basic internet things.


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