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I came upstairs last night to find these two handsome lads curled up on my vanity… too sweet. They are still such good frens, and we sure don’t take it for granted.

Today has been pleasing, insomuch that I have felt human for a long enough spell to wash my hair. Dry shampoo is blessed and I am grateful for it, but properly washed is definitely nicer. Plus, we do have to leave the house a few times this week, so being person-passing is ideal.

Having said that, I did manage to have a cursed body moment, ha ha. I’ve been a lip picker pretty much my entire life; it’s a pretty common neurodivergent thing. I don’t normally get bleeds, but I managed to get a rather impressive one this time. It’s been going for over half an hour, which, super woah for me and my high clotting factor. But it’s nearly there… I just need to quit ‘accidentally’ brushing it with my upper lip.

But eh, for the most part, I’ll say all is well. 🙂 Back to games, back to yarn, etc.


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